Industry Knowledge and Relationships

Delivering “the best” candidate requires in-depth knowledge of the industry or function and its talent pool. Operating in select industries and functions affords us deep networks of contacts and the required business intelligence. We make a concerted effort continually to establish and maintain relationships with executives in these areas. Our access and informed approach to top talent enable us to identify high-performance candidates in addition to the not-so-obvious ones.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the outsourcing, IT, and professional service industries. Nicholson has addressed this market since its inception in 2007

Disciplined Proven Methodology

Nicholson Group International believes that the right methodology will help ensure the success of recruiting a high-caliber professional. We also believe that the discipline to execute this methodology is equally important. Thoroughness in every step of the search process is key, from developing a search strategy to researching companies and individuals, from candidate development to reference checks. Quality does not end with executing our methodology to find the successful candidate. Our passion for quality extends to how we treat both our clients and candidates.

Comprehensive research and sourcing enable us to target the right individuals quickly and reliably.

In-depth Assessment

Finding the right resume is only half the job; the other half is determining the right cultural and contextual fit. That is where Nicholson’ experience and hands-on approach provides real value-added service. We conduct extensive face-to-face interviews in conjunction with thorough reference checking to evaluate fit between candidate and position requirements, culture and chemistry, and the business situation.

Our consultants are veteran recruiters averaging more than 20 years of experience.

Extraordinary Capabilities in a Boutique Firm

We are strategically positioned to conduct search without being hindered by a restrictive, off-limits list and by big company bureaucracy. At the same time, we have research resources and technology that rival those of the largest search firms. We have made significant investments in these capabilities, including database technologies, electronic collaboration, and workflow management.

We believe that professionalism, honesty, and respect are keys to success in executive search.

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